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I cannot praise the tutors enough – the tutor brings the best out of my child.
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Weekly Classes (Young People)

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Young musicians in Avoch.Around 200 young people from across Ross-Shire take part in an exciting programme of after-school classes provided by Fèis Rois.

Groupwork is offered at a range of levels from complete beginner to advanced player.

Participants have the opportunity to collaborate with other classes and perform at end of term ceilidhs and concerts.

If you have enjoyed a block of tin whistle at school, or if you tried the fiddle for the first time at the Junior Fèis and really enjoyed it, why not come along to our weekly classes where you can continue to make music with other young people?

We offer classes in the following areas:


The fee for the full year is £210 and payment is made either in full online/by cheque or by monthly standing order payments of £21 per month for 10 months – August to May.

Two classes - this might be one child attending two classes or two children from the same family attending a class each - discount of £28 - £392 or standing order payments of £39.20 per month.

Three classes – this might be one child attending three classes or a combination of two or three children from the same family attending classes - discount of £56 - £574 or standing order payments of £57.40 per month.

Four classes – this might be one child attending four classes or a combination of children from the same family attending classes - discount of £84 - £756 or standing order payments of £75.60 per month..

Term Dates for 2017/2018

  • Term 1: Week beginning 21st August to week ending 6th October (6 weeks) No classes week beginning 18th September
  • Term 2: Week beginning 23rd October to week ending 1st December (6 weeks)
  • Term 3: Week beginning 8th January to week ending 23rd March (10 weeks) No classes week beginning 19th February
  • Term 4: Week beginning 16th April to week ending 22nd June (8 weeks) No classes on 7th May or 4th June

Class Concerts and Ceilidhs

A big part of the Fèis Rois weekly classes programme is to help support young people to build their confidence and skills to perform in the community.

We hold community ceilidhs in a suitable local venue at the end of the June term when family and friends are invited to come along to the End of Term concert and listen to the classes performing and sometimes they join in with a song, tune or dance too.


Fiddlers at the Junior FèisHow old do I have to be to join a Fèis Rois class?
You have to be from P4 – S6 to take part in most of our instrumental classes.

How do I join?
You have to get in touch with the Fèis Rois office before you can come along to class. You can do this by emailing classes@feisrois.org or calling us on 01349 862600. It's important that we have all your emergency contact details and any information you think we need to know regarding special circumstances and additional support needs BEFORE you child joins our tutors at one of our classes. If we dont have this information we can't accept your child in the class.We would really like to hear from more young people aged 16-24 with additional support needs who dont enjoy learning in a large group. It might be that we can look at a more gradual transition into small group learning beginning with a period of one to one teaching.If your young person's needs are very specific then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

I don’t have my own instrument, does that matter?
No! Fèis Rois has an instrument bank of around 100 instruments. We hire the following instruments to young people wishing to take part in our classes:

  • Fiddle - £7.50 per month
  • Guitar - £7.50 per month
  • Accordion - £10 per month
  • Clàrsachs - £20 per month

We do have a waiting list for some of our larger, more expensive instruments, such as clàrsachs. Please contact us if you would like to hire an instrument so we can arrange a time for you to visit the office to collect your instrument and complete the Hire Instrument Agreement and Standing Order Forms.

Class Levels

  • Level 1: Complete Beginner - You will be completely new to this subject
  • Level 2: Improving Beginner - You will have been playing for 6 – 12 months and have a basic understanding of technique and a few tunes under your belt
  • Level 3: Lower Intermediate/Intermediate - You will have been playing for 1 – 2 years and know a good number of tunes, songs, dances or steps
  • Level 4: Upper Intermediate+/Advanced - You will have been playing for a minimum of 2 years and have a good grasp of your instrument. You will know different kinds of tunes, dances, songs or steps. You will be starting to use gracenotes

Fèis Rois can offer financial assistance to families on low incomes. Please contact our Community Classes Coordinator at the Fèis Rois office to discuss this in confidence. They can be contacted on 01349-862600.

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