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I’m delighted to say that our ceilidh event was an unprecedented success due in no small part to the fantastic music from the group. Unbelievably talented, friendly and warm individuals, who had the assembled dancers eating out of the palm of their hands… The Feis Rois movement is an unbelievable asset to the Highlands and will hopefully continue to play a big part in the harbour’s plans for community events in the future.
Kevin Peach, Chief Executive / Harbourmaster, Ullapool Harbour
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Get Involved

Learning guitar at the Junior FèisThere are lots of ways you can get involved with Fèis Rois. In addition to participating in our regular workshops and Fèisean, we encourage people to get involved in the following ways:

Trainee Music Tutors

Fèis Rois is committed to supporting 16 – 25 year olds in their musical, social and educational development. We pay a small number of young people in this age group to take part in our trainee musician programme. This is an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive tutor training programme where you will shadow a professional music tutor in our weekly classes and eventually teach your own small group of students.


Outdoor session at the Senior FèisWe welcome requests from school pupils who would like to do a week of work experience with us. In the past, we have had pupils from Tain, Dingwall and Fortrose Academies. Fèis Rois will put together a programme that allows you to experience a whole range of aspects of working in the community arts sector. You will learn about event organisation, marketing, publicity, preparing for classes and the traditional arts in the formal education sector.

Fèis Rois also offers university students the opportunity to come on placement at our residential Fèisean. Previously, we have welcomed students from the RSAMD and the University of Strathclyde.


Fèis Rois is a registered charity and, as such, we often rely on volunteers for much of our work. Volunteers can help by:

  • Baking or donating a raffle prize for one of our events
  • Helping serve tea at a family ceilidh
  • Setting up a venue or making tea and coffee at the Adult Fèis (we offer free places if you do!)
  • Offering your expertise – maybe you could lead an art workshop as a one-off evening activity at one of our Fèisean, or perhaps you have the time and skills to write a funding application?
  • Fundraising! You could go busking or organise a coffee morning or a bake sale or a local ceilidh in your community...

Join the Board or Youth Forum

Fèis Rois is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Prior to our AGM in September, we advertise for new Board members who can bring fresh ideas and useful skills to the organisation.

Fèis Rois has an active Youth Forum. We encourage young people involved in any of our events to contribute to the Youth Forum. This is an opportunity for young people to influence the future direction of the organisation and come up with new ideas for projects and events.

Join our mailing list

To join our mailing list, please register for the shop. You don’t need to buy anything, but your contact details will be added to our database.


Fèis Rois is a registered charity. Although we are generously supported by the Scottish Arts Council, Highland Council and Fèisean nan Gàidheal, we constantly strive to identify additional income to ensure that our activities are affordable to all. If you would like to support our work, you can make a donation quickly and securely online by clicking on the Paypal Donate link below.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved!

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