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(The project brings) a fresh light on ways of doing things, that perhaps the staff wouldn’t have thought of doing before.
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Youth Music Initiative

Busking accordions at the Junior FèisThe Youth Music Initiative (YMI) began back in 2003 when the Scottish Arts Council, Youth Music UK and the Musicians Union jointly commissioned an audit of youth music in Scotland - the What's Going On? report.

On the basis of the report's conclusions, the Scottish Government (then the Scottish Executive) pledged an initial £17.5 million over three years to launch the YMI. The report identified priorities and 'gap areas' in provision, for example primary school tuition, composition and music technology.

The Scottish Executive set a major target for the YMI: “by 2006, all school children in Scotland should have access to one year's free music tuition by the time they reach Primary 6.”

80% of the YMI's £17.5 million was therefore awarded directly to local authorities to improve youth music provision in schools in order to meet the P6 target. Every local authority met the P6 target, and YMI has continued way beyond 2006 giving this important opportunity to thousands more children across Scotland.

Many Local Authorities have taken very different approaches to how they deliver the YMI. In some areas, young people might be offered brass tuition, in other areas it might be bagpipe tuition. Fèis Rois currently delivers a significant portion of the YMI programme on behalf of Highland Council. This year, we will provide 12 weeks of tuition in song, group music-making and/or tin whistle to eThis year, we will provide 12 weeks of tuition in song, group music-making and/or tin whistle to every P5 child in over 100 primary schools in the Highland area (Ross-Shire, Inverness, Nairn and Caithness)!

If you have enjoyed your classes in school, the videos below will help to follow up what you have been learning, you can also find out about joining one of our weekly classes.

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