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We attended a concert on the Ceilidh Trail three years ago so Googles Fèis Rois on the internet to find out about this year’s Trail in time for our holiday. I work in a school in England and we need to celebrate what young people do – long may the Ceilidh Trail continue!
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Cèilidh ar Chuairt

Cuairt Chèilidh 2009Feis Rois has had a busy few months planning for this year’s ceilidh trails and we’re almost there! This year for the first time ever we have a Commonwealth Trail featuring musicians from Australia, Canada and Scotland, a National Trail comprising some of the finest young musicians from across Scotland and a Local Trail with some of our own outstanding home grown talent in Ross – shire. Rehearsals will begin on 14th July in Cromarty and then all three trails head out on the road on 21st July with the local trail finishing on the 9th August (look out for them though at Blas Festival in September and a number of other performances, details to be confirmed) and the remaining two trails finishing on 23rd August. All three groups will perform again at a fitting finale concert in Tulloch Castle here in Dingwall Ross-shire on the evening of 23rd August.

If you are thinking about joining us as a participant in next year’s Ceilidh Trail 2015 then get in touch. It is a fantastic summer job for any young musician! This is an opportunity for outstanding young musicians aged 16 – 25 to develop your performance skills and learn what it is like to be a touring musician. You will:

  • Spend a whole week learning from some of Scotland’s most acclaimed traditional musicians
  • Tour across Ross-Shire for three weeks where you will experience any kind of gig imaginable (background music, formal concerts, ceilidh dances, outdoor gigs, indoor gigs…)
  • Learn to use a PA system
  • Learn to play for dancing and call the dances
  • Develop your Gaelic language skills and learn to introduce your sets bilingually
  • Be paid a competitive weekly wage and have all reasonable expenses reimbursed

This innovative project has been adopted by several other communities in Scotland. In addition to providing excellent development opportunities for young musicians, the Ceilidh Trail enhances the visitor experience to Ross-Shire and builds links with a whole range of local businesses.

Find out where the Ceilidh Trail toured in Ross-Shire in 2013 and nationally across Scotland that year too. You can listen to a radio interview of the 2009 Ceilidh Trail participants. You can also listen to some tracks recorded by the 2011 Ceilidh Trail...

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