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I absolutely love the whistle lessons with Angus. I sit down and do a bit at a time. It is so clear, both the way he explains it, the clear way he shows it and how he tells you to practice that before moving on. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to begin to play some of these lovely tunes like Morag of Dunvegan and I see Mull. They are gorgeous and I AM SO GRATEFUL for these lessons THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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Highland Youth Arts Hub

Fèis Rois is delighted to be represented within the Highland Youth Arts Hub, one of nine regional hubs which were set up in 2014 as part of the National Youth Arts Strategy, Time to Shine. In the Highlands, thirteen youth and arts organisations are working in partnership to support the delivery of Time to Shine and to strengthen opportunity and connectivity across the youth arts sector. The partners are: Eden Court, Fèisean nan Gàidheal, Fèis Rois, Highland Council, Highland Print Studio, High Life Highland, Moniack Mhòr, North Lands Glass, planB, Room 13, SkyeDance, University of the Highlands & Islands and Youth Highland.

The Highland Youth Arts Hub aims to increase access to youth arts activities across the region and across a range of art forms including dance, digital art, drama, film, literature, music and visual art. We are working together, and with other providers and services, to improve regional infrastructure, to offer more cross art form activities and to address issues like accessibility, participation and progression.

The HYAH has recently written ‘A Youth Arts Strategy for Highland: 2017-2027’ which can be accessed via the HYAH website. Young people have been central to its development. We welcome anyone working within the youth arts sector to align themselves with the strategy which embraces the vision ‘to support and enable all young people within the Highland region to flourish and achieve their full potential in and be empowered through the arts and creativity’.

Its five core aims are:
  • Access: To enable equality and access to high quality, enjoyable creative experiences for all
  • Collaboration: To facilitate opportunities for organisations and young people to develop activity together
  • Innovation: To encourage experimentation and creativity
  • Place: To celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of the Highlands and its people
  • Sustainability: To support the ongoing development of youth arts activity within the region

If you would like more information on the HYAH please contact Stacey, Project Manager, via email or via phone at 07495 581 961.

The Hub’s work to date can be viewed via an interactive map. You can also keep up to date with the HYAH and National Time to Shine programme via the following channels:

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Loidhne chòmhnard
'S e companaidh earranta a tha ann am Fèis Rois, clàraichte ann an Alba SC123137,. Tha e aithnichte le Oifis nan Cìsean mar Bhuidhinn Charthannais Albannaich, àireamh SC017647. Leasachadh eadar-lìn - Paul Murray | Dealbhachadh - Lucy Kendra | Photographs - Derek Prescott | Fiolmaichean – Chris Smith
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