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I’m delighted to say that our ceilidh event was an unprecedented success due in no small part to the fantastic music from the group. Unbelievably talented, friendly and warm individuals, who had the assembled dancers eating out of the palm of their hands… The Feis Rois movement is an unbelievable asset to the Highlands and will hopefully continue to play a big part in the harbour’s plans for community events in the future.
Kevin Peach, Chief Executive / Harbourmaster, Ullapool Harbour
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Luchd-teagaisg Fèis Rois Òigridh 2014


Camanachd Association Camanachd Association
The Camanachd Association aims to foster, encourage, promote and develop the sport of shinty. Fèis Rois has been working in partnership with The Camanachd Association for a number of years now and we are delighted that one of their coaches will join us to lead the shinty sessions in Ullapool.
Sharon Hassan Sharon Hassan
Sharon was one of the first graduates from the BA Scottish Music degree course at the RSAMD (now Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) in Glasgow. She is an accomplished performer who is also much in demand for her teaching skills – many of her pupils have gone onto study traditional music at university. Sharon enjoys teaching groups of all ages and abilities and has also worked with people who have additional support needs. Her sense of humour and dedication to the music provide a relaxed atmosphere in which participants can learn more about the tunes they are playing as well as getting help with their technique, ornamentation, harmonies, improvisation and timing. She has been a groupwork and fiddle tutor at the ‘Gordon Gaitherin’ in Kemnay and ‘SCaT’ in Aberdeen for many years and has also taught at a number of Fèisean. She recently founded Gadie Music and The North East Folk Collective.
Amy Henderson Amy Henderson
Amy is a former pupil of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music at Plockton High School and a graduate of the BA Folk Music course at the University of Newcastle. She is from Kiltarlity and plays the accordion, whistle, a wee bit of the Irish wooden flute, and she can also turn her hand to backing vocals here and step dancing!
Ingrid Henderson Ingrid Henderson
Ingrid started learning clarsach at the age of 7, and during her early teenage years won the highly prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Traditional award. As well as being a member of Cliar, Ingrid performs in a duo with singer Anne Martin, and released a solo CD “The Little Beauty” in 2005. Her musical sensibility means she is much in demand as a session musician and her name appears on many traditional recordings as a result. She has also worked as a musical director and composter, and has taught at the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music and the Irish World Music Centre.
Lauren MacColl Lauren MacColl
Chaidh Lauren gu Fèis Rois mar chom-pàirtiche nuair a bha i òg. Tha i air iomadh duais a bhuannachadh, nam measg cluicheadair-ionnstramaid na bliadhna aig Duaisean Ciùil Thraidiseanta Radio 2 2009.
Iain MacFarlane Iain MacFarlane
Iain MacFarlane is an internationally acclaimed player and teacher in the traditional music world. He was born and brought up in Glenfinnan and was taught by his father, Charlie, and also the late Donald Riddell. He has a BA in Traditional Music from the RSAMD, currently plays with Blazin' Fiddles and teaches regularly at the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music.
Eilidh MacKenzie Eilidh MacKenzie
Born into a family of singers, Eilidh Mackenzie was raised on the island of Lewis. Along with two of her sisters, Eilidh is a member of the vocal harmony group Mackenzie and in the 1990s was a founder member of the group Mac-talla. She won the ladies Gold Medal at the National Mod in 1987 and in Dec 2010 was awarded the MGAlba Scots trad music award - Gaelic Singer of the Year As well as performing traditional songs, Eilidh writes her own material, again primarily in Gaelic, and in 2009 released an album of entirely new songs based on the novel Bel Canto by American author Ann Patchett. A year later she was awarded a commission from the Blas festival and chose to write a collection of songs in Gaelic based on happy news stories. This - Saoghal Sona (Wonderful World) - was recorded for radio and will be available for commercial purchase in the near future. Eilidh is the regular music tutor at Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhirnis and leads Còisir G, an inter-secondary school choir for Highland Council. In 2005 she co-wrote and produced the first ever Gaelic musical - Taigh Mairi Anndra - based on the life of the American folklorist Margaret Fay Shaw and performed by all 99 children of Central Primary GM unit alongside a band of professional musicians - in Eden Court to a sell-out audience. While studying Music and Celtic Studies at the University of Glasgow, Eilidh tutored at various fèisean through her summer holidays and it was at an early Fèis Rois in Gairloch that she devised the plan to introduce a whole fèis song.
Grant Milne Grant Milne
‘S ann à Baile Màiri a tha Grant agus tha e a’ cluich le Còmhlan Pìoba Reiseamaid a’ 52nd.
Matheu Watson Matheu Watson
Chaidh Matheu gu Fèis Rois mar chom-pàirtiche nuair a bha e fhèin òg, agus tha liut aige air iomadh ionnstramaid. Bidh Matheu gu tric ag obair còmhla ri iomadh neach-ciùil, nam measg Fred Moireasdan, Salsa Celtica, Ross Ainslie agus Jarlath Henderson.
Aileen Wilson Aileen Wilson
Thòisich Aileen a’ dèanamh dannsa Gàidhealach nuair a bha i 5 bliadhna dh’aois, agus tha i air a bhith ga theagasg bho bha i na deugair. Tha i air danns air feadh na Roinn Eòrpa, agus tha i a-nise a’ ruith sgoiltean danns ann an Inbhir Pheofharain agus Loch Carrann. Bidh i a’ teagasg gu tric airson Fèis Rois.
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'S e companaidh earranta a tha ann am Fèis Rois, clàraichte ann an Alba SC123137,. Tha e aithnichte le Oifis nan Cìsean mar Bhuidhinn Charthannais Albannaich, àireamh SC017647. Leasachadh eadar-lìn - Paul Murray | Dealbhachadh - Lucy Kendra | Photographs - Derek Prescott | Fiolmaichean – Chris Smith
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